Field Portable Vacuum Pumping

High-Speed, Rough Vacuum Pumping

(Rough Vacuum down to 1E-04 Torr)

LTS is pleased to offer mobile, high-speed, vacuum-pumping solutions that can save time and money.

We have the tools to save our clients time and expense for large or small structures.

LTS has field-deployable roughing pumps up to 22,000 cubic feet per hour. Our inventory includes both conventional and dry pump systems, flexible stainless steel vacuum hoses up to 8 inches in diameter, gate valves, and fittings. We can offer a solution to all your rough vacuum needs.

Portable, Rough Vacuum Pumping | High & UHV Vacuum Pumping
Portable, Rough Vacuum Pumping | High & UHV Vacuum Pumping

High-Speed, High and Ultra-High Vacuum

(UHV) Pumping to 10-6 Torr and Beyond

With our inventory of high vacuum [HV] and ultra-high vacuum [UHV] turbomolecular pumps, LTS is able to accelerate project schedules by matching pumping speeds to your small or large vacuum structure needs.

LTS can provide custom solutions to address client-specific requirements.

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