Leak Testing Services

Leak Testing Specialists (LTS) provides economical, high-reliability leak testing services using a wide array of tools and methods in various types of environments. We effectively and safely support ongoing maintenance projects, one-time applications, various-size construction projects, and testing at welding fabrication facilities. LTS also provides specific laboratory testing services at our company facilities in Orlando and Merritt Island, Florida.

All testing operations are performed under our ASME, NQA-1-compliant quality assurance program.

LTS’s technicians are certified under our SNT-TC-1A- and CP-189-compliant qualification and certification programs.

LTS delivers economy in leak testing services through our continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do: excellence in mastering our technologies; excellence in the training and development of our personnel; excellence in owning and deploying the best tools and methods available, and when necessary, inventing new tools and techniques for applications and challenges; excellence in the discipline that comes through compliance with a rigorous NQA-1 quality assurance program.

LTS commonly performs leak testing projects in accordance with ASTM standards, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes, API, ANSI N14.5, ISO, government, and client proprietary standards and specifications.

Our test engineers and NDT Level III personnel can prepare effective testing procedures to meet customer specifications. These can be made proprietary with nondisclosure agreements. We have a full complement of engineers, scientists, and technicians with field experience ready to solve your most challenging problems.

Our technicians and NDT Level IIIs are qualified to perform a wide array of testing, training, and consulting for the following methods and techniques:

  • Helium Mass Spectrometer
  • Pressure Change Measurement
  • Mass Flow Measurement
  • Bubble Testing
  • Halogen and Sulfur Hexafluoride
  • Ultrasonic Leak Location Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Visual Testing
Leak Testing Services

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